Ein Schüler:innen-Bericht

Manchester, UK;  2/6/23 – 2/9/23             English Advanced Classes with Mrs Schwandt & Henzler

Our exciting journey to Manchester started on Monday at 8am in the main entrance of the Berlin Schönefeld airport. Unfortunately, the check-in got delayed von one hour and after we were seated in the airplane we had to wait another hour due to the freezing temperatures outside and the snow. After two hours of flight we all set foot on Manchester soil for the first time. Having reached our hotel, we were allowed to wander alone in little groups through the streets of Manchester. Our delicious dinner was at 6 pm, afterwards we had a bit of free time and then we went to bed, exhausted from the long and exhilarating day.

On Tuesday morning we went on a city tour with Josh and were able to learn a lot of interesting and historical facts about Manchester and its culture. In the afternoon we went to the Art Gallery Museum and were given the interesting task to find a particular painting that had been censored and comment on the controversy. Then again we had some free time to explore the city on our own.

On Wednesday we went to the Science and Industry Museum and to John Ryland‘s Library, which reminded some students of Harry Potter. After that we had some free individual time to spend the rest of the afternoon as we liked. There was one last activity on Wednesday: watching the movie Avatar 2, which had been chosen von half the group.

Our last day was Thursday. We enjoyed our free time once again until 2 pm when we had to leave for the airport. We landed in Germany safe and sound at approximately 8 pm. It was a short but wonderful trip to Manchester and a new experience.                                   

A.T. and H.T.